Custom Shop

Do you have that one idea for a guitar that keeps you up at night? Have you always wanted your name inlaid in your fretboard? Or what about your signature on the 12th fret? Like what you see, but want to add that special touch to our guitars to make it like nobody else’s? Well, welcome to the custom shop! You can get your very own custom Ashlee for FAR LESS than any custom shop in the world. All made in our Statesboro, GA factory.

Beauties from our Custom Shop!

Steampunk Ashlee

The “Steampunk” Ashlee was a brain child of Kevin Honeycutt from Hutchinson, KS. The guitar was ordered through our dealer, Johnson Music. What a fun build this was!

Ty Riggs Birdseye

When Ty asked us to build him a nice Birdseye Ashlee, we didn’t just want to pray that we got a good top. We wanted to MAKE a great top!

Barn Birdseye

When Mike Vandevelde brought us birdseye maple from a 200 year old barn, we were blown away. When we finished the guitar, he was!

Reno War Memorial

These guitars were built as a fund raiser for the Reno County War Memorial in Hutchinson, KS.

Model 1906 in True Blue

Since I’m a GSU graduate with a degree in Music Education, I wanted to build one for GSU. Our result was the 1906 model in “True Blue”! -Chris

Spalted Ashlee

Here’s a beautiful custom Spalted Maple Ashlee built for our friends at Latta Music in Alabama!

Dazzle Burst

I have to admit, I never would’ve come up with this color on my own. We had a customer in Florida that wanted purple. He asked us to call it “Dazzle Burst”. We did and we do. This one’s for you, Razzle Dazzle…

Cherry Burst with “Bennett Blocks”

This is the third custom for our friend, Steve Bennett. It’s all gold hardware and custom “Bennett Blocks” make this a sharp guitar!


We built serial #501 for our second dealer, Monster Music in Levittown New York!!

Gold Top #1

Here's our first Gold Top Built for Latta Music in Dothan Alabama

Gatlin Burst

Built custom for Mark Gatlin

Walnut Ashlee

Built Custom for Travis Tompkins

Single Piece Top

It's rare that we have a single piece maple top. We chose to build this one out of a single piece top and back for Latta Music.

Sister for Another Mister

This is the "sister" top for the single piece top Ashlee. We could only build two out of the wood top. This was built for Terry Kirkland

Troy Taylor Custom

This was built from our friend across the pond, Troy Taylor. It features the "Bennett Block" side block pattern.

Custom Shark Tooth Inlay

I really like the custom inlay we did for Allen Ward. Side note - Allen's guitar was our very first with laser inlay serial number on the headstock!