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Amy Taylor is a singer/songwriter that can often be seen on the Nashville stage. Amy's twangy in-your-face country music has a sound that should make all country girls proud to be who they are.

You can learn more about Amy at:


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Rusty is a North Georgia based guitarist with a passion for Modern Worship. With over 10 years of experience, his goal has always been to work hard and lead people to worship with song. You can find Rusty performing regularly in churches throughout Georgia.

Learn more about Rusty here:

Gordy Pettipas

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Gordy is a self taught 3rd generation musician who has been playing about 20 years. He is the guitarist for the up and coming Blues Rock band LifeTribe. He won the 2013 Johnsons Music Center Blues Showdown in Hutchinson, KS. His "17 Blues Licks" video on YouTube has over a half million views and climbing.

Daimon Cundiff

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Damon is what we like to call a true road dog. He's been on tour with the Jake Gill band and using his Ashlee every step of the way! Damon and Chris have the same model but Daimon has more mileage on his from road use. Check out Daimon here:

Domeinico LaGamba

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Domenico is a multi-genre musician who cut his teeth in hardcore punk & metal bands. He's currently playing, recording and producing as co- founder of the industrial group Siege 15.