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What we're all about:

CMG Guitars is not your typical guitar company. First of all, we're not a big corporate conglomerate that's distributed by another corporate conglomerate... we're one small company owned by me.

Secondly, only one person designs and chooses the guitar models. That happens to be me, too.

A lot of people ask us why we name our guitars. It's simple. A guitar is a very personal thing to a guitarist. A lot of love, time and effort went into making them, setting them up, and making sure they were right. Anything with that much love put into it deserves to have a name instead of a model number. So we name them after people that we love. "Ashlee" is my wife (and partner in crime). “Mark” is my brother (and my first musical influence).

We know you'll want to have a personal relationship with your guitar as well–whether it's your first guitar or your tenth. Everybody has that "one" guitar that speaks to them in a way that no other guitar does. We hope that we can build that guitar for you.

Sure, they look familiar–we use classic designs. We refine and tweak them until we get it like we want it. When I was 18, I used to make a joke about another guitar and amplifier company; I said: "It sounds like they take all of their amps and test it out with one guitar until they all sound the same". Years later I was talking to a sales rep from that company about their product. Before I could say anything about what I thought, the sales rep said "Yeah, the amp designer tests out all of the amps with this one guitar". I was floored. I mean, I should've expected it, right? It's what I theorized about for years (I just didn't expect it to be true). I expected more out of a major brand name. That explained why all of their amps sounded the same.

So even though we make amplifiers too (
Devilcat Amplifiers), we try our guitars through several amps to test the pickups and get the sound that we're looking for. For example, we'll run a Mark through an awesome sounding very high gain amp to make sure we don't get 60 cycle hum–even though most classic players probably wouldn't choose that amp. The obvious choice would be to run a guitar with screaming humbuckers, right? Well, we don't all play the same style. Somewhere out there is a kid who loves blues and can sweep arpeggios like a madman. We'd like him to have choices too.

Our goals at CMG Guitars are simple:
1. Make a good quality instrument
2. Make them affordable
3. Make them in good conscience with respect for the world and the environment.

So give us a try. We think you'll like what you play.
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CMG Guitars is located at:
1993 Randy Lowery Road
Statesboro, GA 30461
About us:
CMG Guitars specializes in manufacturing guitars for the working musician. We also build customs upon request. Feel free to give us a call or contact us via this website!