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Chris, Having toured your manufacturing facility I want to thank you again for the generous gift of your time and for sharing the inspiring story behind CMG Guitars. My buddies and I talked all the way back to Jacksonville about how you and each member of your team share a passion for what you are doing. You're either extremely lucky in the people you've hired, or very good at instilling passion in others. Each person we met in the various work stations seemed genuinely invested in and proud of what they produced. Thank Russell again for his excellent work. During my career in sales I called on countless manufacturing plants. I was always fascinated with the process regardless the product; plywood, or potato chips. After touring CMG, I asked myself if I was more impressed with the people, the process or the product. I decided in your case I couldn't separate the three. I have three made in China or Korea guitars and can't bring myself to consider that the Asian workers, churning out 300 flashy but soulless guitars a day, feel any sort of passion for what they do. I can imagine they could be assembling guitars, cell phones, or rocking chairs. As you know, I am the proud owner of serial #21 Ashlee guitar that I consider far superior in quality, character, and craftsmanship to any Asian import I've ever played. She has everything I need and nothing I don't. Which brings me to my final point. For me CMG Guitars embodies the American spirit and the true sense of the often misused term, "Made in the USA". Maybe you could design an American Spirit series; no nonsense guitars imbued with a soul. With the kindest regards and best wishes,
Jack Douglas Jacksonville, Florida
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The Checkmates in 1966

The Checkmates in 2015

CMG Guitars is located at:
1993 Randy Lowery Road
Statesboro, GA 30461
About us:
CMG Guitars specializes in manufacturing guitars for the working musician. We also build customs upon request. Feel free to give us a call or contact us via this website!